Molecule - Speed Detailer
Molecule - Speed Detailer Molecule - Speed Detailer Molecule - Speed Detailer
$ 9.95

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Molecule Speed DETAILER is a light duty cleaner & polish in one, designed to keep vehicle surfaces looking clean, shining and protected. Safe to use on all finishes, paint, powder coat, plastics, vinyl, including flat and matte.

Available In:  16 oz, 1 Gallon, and 5 Gallon

• Safely removes light rubber scuff marks, bugs, oils, dirt and grime
• Reactive siloxane attaches to surface to polish without a slimy feel
• Reduces dirt, grime and grease surface build up
• Cleans & Polishes in one easy step
• Just spray on & wipe off
• Non-streaking formula

Molecule got tired of trying to keep a race car clean in the middle of a hot paddock. Off-the-shelf detailers were either heavy in wax or dried instantly when put on a hot race car. Molecule designed Speed DETAILER to give the polished shine without the mess. Works great on bodywork, frame rails, plastics and rubber to get a shine without the slime.

While not necessary, Molecule recommends using Speed CLEANER before applying Speed DETAILER. Paired together it’s a combination that will provide a clean and shiny finish in a fraction of the time that other products on the market offer.

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