Molecule is the leader in producing the highest-level equipment cleaners. While most companies have a product line to fit one category, we have created the most versatile offering of cleaners in the world. Born as a brand to keep driver Nomex® fire suits protected in motorsports, Molecule has become the trusted solution for all motorsports, sports and tactical equipment. From a multimillion-dollar racecar to hockey gloves to yoga towels, Molecule has everyone covered and ready to Keep It Clean.


Molecule takes chemistry seriously and the science behind their formulas proves it. They’ve gone to great extents to develop each formula to not only perform in the laboratory, but also on the track, in the field, and on the court.

Sourcing the best raw ingredients from suppliers around the globe specifically for their propriety formulas makes a difference when putting Molecule to the test. Raw ingredients are verified, batch coded and documented for each production cycle to ensure quality of every bottle produced.

Performance is the true definition of a winner on the track and their formulas are derived with the same goal in mind. Simply, they’ve built their formulas to WIN!