Steel Series-Full 2"
Steel Series-Full 2" Steel Series-Full 2"
$ 265.50 $ 295.00

The Steel Series Full 2" harness is Sabelt's entry-level harness providing the same level of quality and reliability for which Sabelt is known. Most track days and club racing groups are requiring drivers use a Hans device if using a 6-point harness making this the ideal harness for new comers and cost-conscious racers.

 The Sabelt Steel Series Full 2" harness incorporates the following features:

• FIA 8853-2016 Certified
• 2" shoulder, lap, and sub-belts
• Pull-up lap belts
• New compact buckle integrates sub-belts
• 100% Made in Italy

Sabelt is the industry leading manufacturer of motorsport harnesses and accessories for a good reason.

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