Millers Oils Tank Safe

Millers Oils

Product Description

• Add to fuel tank before storage
• Corrosion protection

• One bottle treats 10 US gallons of fuel

High quality petrol additive providing anti corrosion protection and vapor phase inhibition.


By addition to the fuel tank contents at the end of season “lay up”, Tanksafe will provide fuel tank and fuel system protection while your classic car is being stored. Add one bottle to tank contents and temporarily block any open fuel breathers for maximum performance.

• Specifically formulated for petrol engines whether carburetor or fuel injected to give extremely effect corrosion protection and vapour phase inhibition (VPI).
• Carburetor cleanliness improved.
• Fuel system corrosion protection improved at very economical treatment rates.
• Compatible with all types of petrol - leaded, unleaded and oxygenated.

    Health and Safety Data Sheet 7678 applies to this product. When used for the purpose recommended and with due regard to the appropriate Health and Safety Data, the product should cause no concern.


    If in doubt, consult with our partner shop, RPR Automotive at 410-589-3966.

    For more detailed information check out our About Millers Oils Nanotech and FAQs.

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