K1 Double-Layer Nomex Balaclava
K1 Double-Layer Nomex Balaclava K1 Double-Layer Nomex Balaclava
$ 42.00

The K1 RaceGear Premier Double-Layer Nomex Balaclava is ideal for both karters and auto racers. Not only does it provide enhanced fire protection and safety, but it has been designed for comfort and usability as well. Most importantly, the Premier Double-Layer Nomex Balaclava is SFI and FIA certified, making it eligible for competition. Whether you race karts or are involved in auto racing, the K1 RaceGear Double-Layer Nomex Balaclava will satisfy all of your needs at an affordable price.

The K1 RaceGear Double-Layer Nomex Balaclava provides the following features:

• SFI 3.3/5 and FIA 8856-2000 Certified
• Double-layer Nomex fabric for enhanced protection
• Sweat and moisture wicking
• Reverse stitching for added comfort and usability
• Open face design allows for a variety of positions
• Keeps your helmet clean and moisture-free
• One size fits all

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