ROUX Helmets was founded in 2014, by two veteran racers, because they recognized a need in the motorsports community for a fresh take on one of the most important pieces of safety gear... the driver's helmet. Although only a few years old, ROUX Helmets has quickly become one of the leaders in providing quality and reliable auto racing helmets because they value the safety of the driver.... and not the bottom-line. Their helmets are revolutionary and cutting edge by providing more innovative design and safety features than any of their competitors. In a world consumed by profit, ROUX Helmets has held true to their mission to provide safety products at the highest quality and safety standards.


At Track Monkey Apparel® we are committed to providing only quality and reliable products. We purposely only offer products from a select few companies in each aspect of race gear, safety equipment, oil, etc. The companies we offer were carefully selected because they share our same values and have not lost sight of the true goal:  creating quality and reliable products in order to make racers safer while on track. This also allows us to actually have real knowledge of each of the companies and their products that we offer.